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Dr. Rajan Sankaran Visited to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital

It was a great day for Indian Homoeopathy as the two living legends met on Sunday 5th Feb, shared their ideas & had discussion on various important topics.
Recently Dr. Faiza, a resident doctor from The Other Song had came to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital to take an interview of Dr. Amarsinha Nikam Sir. She carefully observed Sir's work, his exclusively homoeopathic IPD, gross pathological cases & got deeply impressed by it.

Hearing enthusiastic review from Dr. Faiza; Dr Sankaran Sir came to meet Dr. Amarsinha Nikam Sir & visit his unique Homoeopathic Hospital.

He was warmly greeted by Dr. Nikam Sir & His team at entrance of Hospital. Then Sankaran Sir was shown huge waiting area of OPD & consulting cabins of Dr. Amarsinha Nikam Sir.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran Sir said, "I was planning for long time to visit your Hospital" ....Nikam sir replied, "I was waiting since last 14 yrs.."...!

Then the two masters had a long conversation on current status of Homoeopathy in India & Abroad...of Hom. Medical Colleges...

Dr. Sankaran Sir told about various activities at The Other song Acadamy to promote & inspire students to practice homoepathy.

Dr. Nikam Sir also talked about how his various training courses at Aditya Hospital through Practical, Clinical training here helps students of homoeopathy to build unshakable faith in Hahnemannian Homoeopathy.

Then Sankaran Sir had round at Aditya Hospital. Before that Dr. Nikam Sir showed a very interesting OPD case of Aplastic Anaemia. The patient had taken 500 Blood tranfusions & spent 10/12 lacs without relief. At the time of first consultation he was in allopathic hospital due to episode of bleeding with just 6000 platelets...! Detailed History was given by patient's brother & sir prescribed Sulphur30 ( Based on PathoPhysiology & Mental characteristics ) ...It miraculously helped him...his condition rapidly improved ...& now since last 4/5 yrs he is absolutely fine...just one blood trasfusion being required...!!

Dr. Sankaran Sir inquisitively asked as how Nikam sir arrived at the remedy; to answer it, patient's original case record was shown which had very detailed case taking from chief complaint to mind. Dr. Nikam Sir explained how he arrives at totality considering uncommon symptoms of pathology, physiology & psycology of patient ( instead of focusing on single aspect ). Dr Sankarn Sir also gave valuable suggestion to improve the teaching from his vast experience which would help in conveying Nikam Sir's method amongst students.

IPD round continued after it & various gross pathological cases with conditions such as CRF, Coronary Artert Disease, Rheumatoid Arthrites, IHD etc were shown, all were treated with Single Remedy, minimum dose 30 potency Only...! Dr. Sankaran Sir got deeply impressed with Nikam Sir's huge work...& warm heartedly appreciated it.

Dr. Nikam Sir's next generation of Homoeopaths Dr. Manish Nikam, Dr. Vijay Nikam, Dr. Suchitra Nikam also had conversation regarding various activities at Aditya Hospital such as individialised diet advise for patient, 6 month residential training course for interns & upcoming workshop for practitioners ( starting on 18 feb..!) where Dr. Nikam Sir's entire method is taught step by step.

Dr. Rahul Jadhav, Dr. Shiv Rathod, Dr. Ayesha Sheikh, Dr. Sourabh & various doctors from Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital also had delightful conversation with Dr. Sankaran Sir. Overall it was a unique association between the two greatest Homoeopaths of century & finally Both agreed that all homoeopaths should come togather to take the science to even higher level.