International Seminar

on 11 & 12 Jan 2020 at Clara's College & Children Welfare Centre High School, Versova

Dr Amarsinha Nikam's '#Mission_Homoeopathy' expands globally with Mega successful International seminar...!

The beautiful auditorium of CWC versova was packed with five hundred enthusiastic homeopaths gathered all the way from India & abroad to learn '#unique_working_method' of Dr Amarsinha Nikam sir last weekend.

In inaugural speech Dr Arun Bhasme (Former Vice president CCH) wholeheartedly appreciated Dr Nikam Sirs lifetime dedication for the science of homeopathy and demanded prestigious #Nobel_prize for his research on vital force.

Audience were left spellbound after Dr Amarsinha Nikam sir demonstrate his simplified way dealing with critically ill patients some of them came 'live..on stage' during session narrating their own story..!
Delegates were shown long-term follow-ups & asked to workout on the cases after which Dr Nikam sir revealed the totality, remedy giving them best learning experience.

Notable dignitaries from different fields were present for the event. Dr Arun Bhasme, Mr. Ajay Kaul, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Divya Chabra, Dr Ashok Borkar, Dr Balkrishna Gaikwad, MLA Prasad Lad, Dr Bipin Jain, Dr ST Gosavi, Anand Rekhi & many more.

Members of team mission homeopathy : Dr Manish Nikam, Dr suchitra Nikam, Dr Vijay Nikam, Dr Nilesh Jangale, Dr Sai chintha, Dr Ashwinikumar Kale, Dr Suhas Raut, Dr Satish Maske, Dr Mukesh musale, Dr Shrikant Langade, Dr Sagar Mane, Dr Shyam pawase, Dr Rahul Jadhav, Dr Rupesh Sonawane, Dr shital Kumar Sonawane, Dr Mathew lobo, Dr Shailendra Singh, Dr Anil Navathar, Dr Mayur kakade worked together and made the event grand success

From Mission Homoeopathy International team : Dr Yatin (Germany), Dr Narain Mahtani (Madrid, Spain), Dr Emelio (Australia), Dr Anthony (Spain) also participated in the seminar.

With Grand success of this International seminar Dr Amarsinha Nikam's 'Mission Homoepathy' has emerged on global horizon as a leading classical Homoeopathic Institute providing best practical learning experience.

Odisha Seminar

Organised by renowned homeopath from Odisha Dr Deoshlok Sharma and his next generation Homoeopath Dr. Jitesh Sharma left everlasting impression on mind of budding homoeopaths & practitioners who had gathered all the way from UP, jharkhand, West Bengal, Nepal and odisha..!

Inauguration done by Hon Health Minister of Odisha Naba Das, MLA Kishore Mohanty, Dr Kulwant Singh Principal, Jamshedpur HMC followed by press conference to spread the homoeopathy across state of Odisha.

from mission homoeopathy team Dr Manish Nikam, Dr Sai chinta, Dr shitalkumar Sonawane and Dr Rahul Jadhav conducted the sessions.

At the end of seminar many delegates Expressed their heartfelt gratitude and said that seminar shown them a 'simple and effective way of practicing classical homoeopathy' even in challenging diseases.

In this 2 day seminar team from Aditya Homeopathic Hospital demonstrated the practical working method of #DrAmarsinha_Nikam sir designed in 1995 and it's still effective forming the basis of his 100 bedded exclusively homoeopathic Hospital..

That too with classical approach of single remedy minimum dose without any mix remix patents..!


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